Our Story

In July 2019 Intimacy Director & Coordinator Yarit Dor approached Costume Designer Shoni Wilkinson to create a specialised intimacy/modesty garment kit for her to use on set and in theatre.  

As one of the UK's pioneers in Intimacy Coordination & Intimacy Direction, she found that the garments available to her and her colleagues just weren’t suitable for the job. Disposable, ill-fitting, limited in skin tone and size, Intimacy Professionals and Costume Departments needed a purpose-built garment that represented the industry's ethos. 

Intimask was created to fill this void. 

The development of action specific intimacy & modesty garments and INTIMASK Silicone Barriers provide support and protection to both the performers and the planet.

Our washable, reusable, purpose-built garments are made with the highest quality materials. They come in a range of 6 skin tones and sizes and many include our registered INTIMASK Silicone Barriers. 


- All of our garments are designed and produced in the UK.

- We pay our employees above the "Real UK Living Wage", for more info visit

- Our fabric is produced in the UK by a leading textile company.

- All of our garments come packed in reusable, resealable, biodegradable bags and labels.

- We use environmentally responsible shipping options, offsetting the emissions from the transportation of our products.

- We are always on the look-out for eco-friendly stretch materials and textiles in order to help our planet. Until we find a more sustainable replacement it is important for us to raise awareness of methods that help reduce microplastics and waste in the performing arts & recorded media industries. See our recycling page

“The intimacy movement is such a powerful, positive force, we felt its tools should reflect that”

Meet The Team

Yarit Dor (she/her)
Lead Product Developer 

Yarit is an established Intimacy Coordinator and Intimacy Director, working widely across TV, live performance and film to promote safe practices at all stages of production. In 2019 she was the first to originate the Intimacy Director role in London's West End and she continues to support the learning, teaching and facilitating of these specialist skillsets in the UK.

As Lead Product Developer, Yarit brings to Intimask her extensive knowledge from working at the forefront of these industries. Through her work with performers, costume departments and external consultants, she is constantly researching and developing new and more effective ways to utilise modesty garments, barriers and other equipment combining creative vision with functional necessity.

Shoni Wilkinson (she/her)
Lead Designer 

Shoni brings to Intimask a decade of experience in costume design & construction to combine design with function for all our garments.

As Lead Designer, Shoni works closely with our suppliers and runs our garment workroom as well as collaborating with our digital sculptors to produce our unique silicone barriers.
Shoni has further extended her creative talents to overseeing Intimask's entire company aesthetic, including our logo and imagery.

Alongside her role at Intimask, Shoni continues to work in theatre and TV/Film as a designer, creating structural and evocative haute couture inspired pieces.


Tigger Blaize (he/him)

Trans Consultant & Intimacy Coordinator

Andy Fordham (he/him)

3D Design & Sculptor, EastEffects

Enric Ortuno (he/him) 

Intimacy Director & Coordinator


PR & Marketing


Li-Lee Choo (she/her)

Charlie Mitchell (she/her)

Customer Service

Enric Ortuno (he/him) 

Team Manager 

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