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Inclusive. Protective. Responsible

We are always on the lookout for textile innovations to lower the use of plastic-based fabrics and products. Until there are stretch fabrics and materials that are fully compostable or biodegradable, we want to guide you to resources where you can help the environment if your garments are no longer used on set or on stage. 

INTIMASK is based in the UK and so the links below are for those working on productions in the UK.

Please check your local authority's recycling regulations and services as well as optional textile waste recycling opportunities in your country & city so you can recycle it responsibly. 


Our Garments can be washed and re-used by the same performer throughout the whole shoot.


Strap Garments can be worn as normal underwear if you remove the INTIMASK Silicone Barrier.

For Strapless Garments remove the INTIMASK Silicone Barrier and add straps to form normal G-Strings , Briefs and Thongs. Or keep them strapless for a revealing garment!

Off-Cuts and Scraps can be reused in various forms. For more info see:  

Reuseful UK*

Costume Directory*


In order to reduce microplastics when washing garments, we recommend using these eco responsible options:

Guppyfriend Washing Bag*

Cora Ball*

We know costume departments are always washing! Consider using an eco-friendly detergent that can be refilled:



Ecover Refill*


Find Textile Waste and Silicone Recycle Facilities near you:

Your local Council's Recycling


*(All links above are mere recommendations, INTIMASK is not affiliated to them in any way).

Resources for Sustainable

Filmmaking & Stage Performance 

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