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Modesty Garment Fittings

In the evolving landscape of film and television, more productions are now incorporating dedicated fitting slots for modesty garments. For those working in the costume department or serving as intimacy professionals, adopting best practices is crucial to create a safe and respectful environment during such fittings.

Here are some preliminary examples that can be invaluable in navigating this delicate process:

1. Inclusivity Starts with Pronouns:

Before the fitting day, ensure that you are aware of the performer's pronouns and communicate this information to your costume team. This small yet essential step contributes to a respectful and inclusive environment.

2. Provide Clear Information in Advance:

Inform the performer about the fitting session well in advance. Clearly outline the steps involved, provide contacts for any queries, and specify any preparations or items they need to bring along. For example: shaving or waxing pubic hair on lower abdomen will help the adhesive stick better.

3. Equip Yourself Adequately:

Prepare for the fitting by having a variety of modesty garments in different skin tones, along with necessary accessories such as a range of adhesives and scissors.

4. Avoid assumptions about the performer's skin tone:

Have garments in various skin tone choices to accommodate their preferences.

5. Include a Third Person or Intimacy Professional in the Fitting:

To maintain professionalism and ensure the comfort of all parties involved, consider having a third person present during the fitting. This could be another costume team member or, an intimacy professional.

6. Rehearse Your Explanation Beforehand:

Efficiently explain the steps involved in wearing and taping a modesty garment. Practicing your script beforehand can help you communicate clearly and alleviate potential discomfort for the performer.

7. Provide Written/Visual Instructions:

Offer a written or visual handout detailing the steps for wearing the modesty garment. This serves as a reference guide and allows the performer to follow the instructions independently after you step out of the changing room in order for them to put the modesty garment on.

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8. Respect Boundaries and Consent:

Always seek consent before automatically assisting an actor with wearing or taping a modesty garment. Be aware of your boundaries too, and if needed, consult with an intimacy professional for guidance on respectful and less intrusive assistance.

In an industry where collaboration is key, implementing recommendations such as these ensures that modesty garment fittings become a smoother and more respectful process for everyone involved. Clear communication, inclusivity, and a commitment to consent are essential elements in fostering a supportive environment on film sets.

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