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New Garment Barriers Launch

In a groundbreaking move that melds safety and intimacy, INTIMASK is launching a revolutionary series of redesigned garment barriers.

These new offerings, are 85% lighter and crafted specifically for the beloved INTIMASK products marking a significant departure from their silicone based barrier line.

The product development team on the new barrier line:

'We thank all of our customer's feedback since we opened the company. INTIMASK's goal is to provide top-standard and innovative modesty garments and intimacy products for intimacy professionals and costume departments. Our team have re-designed the garment barriers and have created lighter versions that will undoubtedly be favourable for strapless garments. We know many performers and intimacy professionals love the silicone barriers however we hope this new line will be more malleable for their needs'.

INTIMASK's upcoming series of garment barriers is set to make waves with a cutting-edge construction using moulded Polyurethane foam. Combining this innovative material with the brand's recognisable style, the new barriers promise a unique blend of comfort, support, and protection. They are easily washable, quick to dry, and remarkably resilient. making them the perfect fit.

The Vega Front Barrier is now out for purchasing with Vega strapless and strap garments. Soon the Nova Front Barrier will be launched and finally the Rear Barrier.

To find out more, see the online shop.

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