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The INTIMASK Skin Tone Tape™ (5cm x 5m) is our primary adhesive tape used to adhere strapless garments to the body.


Made from high-quality cotton fabric and is hypoallergenic, soft and breathable, offering a strong bond with comfort and flexibility. The wavelike adhesive pattern is designed to provide the same elasticity and bi-directional stretching as the skin so you can move freely without being restricted.


To use, cut the required amount of tape from the roll and remove the backing paper. Before applying, ensure that the skin is clean, dry & free from any cream or moisturisers.


See out "How To Adhere Guide" for more information.


Available Tones:

Light Beige


Light Brown

Medium Brown

Dark Brown / Very Dark Brown


Materials: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, Adhesive Layer.

INTIMASK Skin Tone Tape

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Skin tone
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